Budapest OOTD Day 1.

Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Turtle Neck Crop- ASOS, Leggings- Nike Sculpt, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell/ Office.
My outfit for the plane journey, keeping it comfy. For my boyfriends day of birth I bought us tickets to Budapest for two nights, which involved travelling via aeroplane. I've been on a plane when I was 7 to get to Lanzarote, so half of what I know about travelling on planes I have learnt from movies- Think Final Destination. The other half of what I know about flying on planes I learnt from good old google in the weeks leading up to the journey. I wore no jewellery on the plane as I was convinced that because of a nipple piercing that I've never taken out and my extensions I would set the metal detector off and get strip searched/ probed by a stranger thanks to what I'd read about other peoples experiences on google. As usual google was wrong and I spent the morning a nervous wreck for no reason.


  1. haha! I have the same experience with planes, I still hate travelling on them, did you enjoy the flight though?
    love your outfit, nice and comfy x
    Natalie Lines Blog

  2. Lol I hate going through the metal detectors; I always come out looking a hot mess!!
    Thank God you had a safe flight to Budapest. Would you like to follow each other?
    Afeeyah xo

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