Jacket- ASOS, Top & - Topshop, Shorts- Topshop Boutique.
These boots!! As far as new shoes go, they are shockingly comfortable. However, as my feet have never grown to a size that is recognised as a suitable size for an adult, I've had to stuff these shoes with cotton wall in order for them to fit. Class. I am a real fan of these shorts. I would go as far as to say that they have seduced me- comfortable, well fitting and almost too visually pleasing to be true, how could I not be. An asset to my Autumn wardrobe this year is 10/20 denier black tights. Although it is a pain in the arse having no choice but to watch them deteriorate throughout the day each time I wear a pair. Why am I standing on a bench? Am I playing the lava game (anyone remember that)? The grass was bloody long, wrongly depriving my shoesies of the limelight that they deserve.