With the approach of the new year it's time for everyone to bring out the get fit, tone up, lose weight, resolutions. I've created some work out outfits in order to motivate myself for a health kick. Hopefully once the expense of Christmas is over I can indulge in some of the Stella McCartney range at Adidas!

Everyone has their goals regarding getting fit, losing weight or joining the gym. I don't usually partake in creating new years resolutions for myself, but I've done well this past year, so why not use the new year as an excuse to motivate myself. September 2012- January 2013 I lost two stone and ever since I have kept that weight off whilst toning up a small amount. My plans for the new year involve toning up further, developing a positive attitude towards myself and experimenting a little more with clean eating. Since starting college in September I found it hard to find time to work out every day, then when I did find time I lacked motivation. I had previously been working full time and my daily routine involved working out after work. Like most people, I am my own worst critic. I've recently found some pictures of myself just before I decided that I wanted to lose weight and the comparison has given me a positive view on my progress at last. We see ourselves and scrutinise ourselves every day, it's only when we see photographic evidence, step on the scales or measure ourselves that we can see that there is in fact a difference. I want to get more enjoyment out of the food that I eat, instead of living off the same tuna salad every day until I cave and order pizza only to find, for the hundredth time, that it's not worth the self loathing. I'm gluten and lactose intolerant and over the past year I've seen an increase in blogs and e-recipe books devoted to clean eating that have taught me the ways of vegan cheesecake and quinoa pizza. I've realised that I need to experiment with the food that I am able to eat and learn to enjoy it. As opposed to counting down until the next time I get to go out for dinner. Two for Tuesday can piss off.
on the left we have December 13, on the right was taken September 12

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