Humidity Hair.

Jacket: Topshop, Top: Topshop, Belt: Topshop, Levi Shorts: EBay, Net Shorts: Bitchinng & Junkfood, Socks: Topshop, DMs: Ebay
One of my holiday outfits. I only took two jackets with me, this and a leather jacket; both from Topshop. I've had a habit of throwing this jacket on over everything lately, it's light weight, has pockets big enough for everything that I think I need to take everywhere with me and is over sized on me, there's something that appeals to me about over sized jacket that I am able to wrap myself up in and live in like a cocoon. I've found myself wearing these DMs pretty much daily lately too. I won them on eBay for something brilliant like £13. They're chunky, comfortable and durable.
The first two pictures are perfect examples of how my hair gets fluffier due to even the slightest change in temperature. Without straighteners I'd look like Monica from Friends when they go to Barbados. I bought Mark Hills Holiday Hair 'Sun Sea Frizz-Free Anti-Humidity Spray' before heading on holiday, and much to my delight I believe that it worked. Now, the instructions state that you spray it in the air then walk underneath; I was taking no chances. I simply sprayed the crap out of my hair. Anyone else got any tips on how to avoid frizzy hair?

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  1. Your jacket is perfect!

    Xo, Hannah